About Me

About Me

Its my passion that each & every person should be able to enjoy the fruits of ICTs – rich or poor, far or near.

Using skills & expertise developed as CEO Universal Service Fund (USF) & earlier as Country-Head of Siemens Telecom in Pakistan, I work as ICT consultant advising governments in Asia & Africa on ICT Policy & Regulatory issues, particularly Universal Access/Service. I offer these services directly, as well as thru international organisations like ITU, USAID, CTO, World Bank, ADB etc.

I often get invited to speak at international forums on these topics which I love doing!

For those who may not be aware, USFs are created to fulfill governments’ obligation of providing ICT services in un-served (mainly rural) areas, where it is not viable for private sector Telcos.

With 35+ years of experience in Telecom, my love of Universal Service started in 2007 when I joined the newly formed USF Pakistan as it’s founding CEO. Within months I managed to raise it out of nowhere & started deploying Cellular Infrastructure, Optic Fiber Cables and Broadband-Internet – all thru private-sector Telcos, in the unserved areas. Since universal service programs in other countries were mostly failing, soon USF Pakistan became globally recognized as a success-story!

Earlier as country-head of Siemens Telecom, I acquired & executed multi-million-$ projects, raising telecom revenues nearly 10-fold in 7 yrs (last year turnover: US$ 300 M). I hired & trained hundreds of local engineers, built service teams & deployed them within & outside the country.

I have traveled all over the world and know English, German & Urdu. I have been on sabbaticals to Harvard Kennedy School & Carnegie Mellon Univ. (USA), Oxford Univ. & ICC (UK), besides receiving extensive management & technical training, mainly in Europe.

My proven expertise is in Universal Service issues + I have raised companies from zero to international best practice levels – both in Private as well as Public sectors!

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